Website Design & Development

Whether you are an existing company, new company, or an individual who is in need of a clean, professional & user friendly website built from the groud up or redesign of your current website, The Web Caterer can provide you with all the graphics, scripts, and coding for all your digital needs. Each website is created with user accessiblity in mind, engaging user interfaces, web standard compliant, cross browser compatible & valid HTML/CSS.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website is getting zero traffic or needs more relevant traffic then The Web Caterer can devise a SEO strategy that will improve your results. The Web Caterer will create a keyword report outlining what search phrases your website should rank for and when they have selected each one will be worked on individually and monitored to make sure it ranks above your competitors.

Graphic & Print Design

Are you in the need of some snazzy business cards or a smart letterhead? Or just require a quick header image for an upgrade to a site? Maybe you need a forum header and/or icons? If yes then contact The Web Caterer we will be to help.


A logo is the core identity of your business. They help you stand out above all others. The Web Caterer will design custom logos for your business, website, print & apparel.

Photograph, Painting, Artwork Retouching

Does one of your recent photos suffer from ”red-eye” caused from camera flashes, or perhaps there is an unwanted object in the photo. Maybe you want to get rid of a blemish or wrinkle. Whatever the case may be, let The Web Caterer correct any dissapointments in your photos.

Content Management Systems

If you have a design that needs developng then let The Web Caterer handle that. Your designs will be developed into a fully functioning bespoke Content Managenment System that will let you update the website seeminglessly.